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Developing Applications for GARUDA (DAG 07) 4th-6th October @ JNU, New Delhi

N. Mohan Ram
Director, C-DAC Bangalore

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dear GARUDA Partner,

C-DAC welcomes you to the 3rd workshop on Developing Applications for GARUDA (DAG 07), being held at JNU New Delhi from 4th to 6th October 2007.You may recall that the first DAG 07 workshop was held at Bangalore on 12th and 13th of March 2007 and the Second workshop in the series was held at IIT Bombay on 28th- 30th of June 2007. Based on popular demand and feed back from the participants of the earlier workshops, we have now scheduled the third in the DAG07 series at New Delhi.

The workshop agenda includes a series of tutorials, presentations and hands-on sessions focusing on the usage of various supported tools and technologies required for applications development on GARUDA. The three-day programme is specifically targeted for both new grid users as well as users who wish to use advanced grid techniques to exploit the power of GARUDA for their applications.

Participation is free of charge for GARUDA Partners and a nominal fee will be charged for others. We also look forward to your feedback on the given tentative agenda so that the sessions can be customized to make the programme more effective.

This letter is sent in advance to help you block your dates amidst your pressing schedules and make necessary travel arrangements for the workshop. We would also very much appreciate if you could circulate this information among the application developers and researchers of your institute.

If you have any query or are in need of additional information, please contact Dr.Prahlada Rao ( or Savitha Gowda (

We look forward to seeing you in New Delhi.

With best wishes,

N. Mohanram

(Note: Admission is restricted only to 2 members per institute)

Fax: 080 – 25247724

Workshop on Developing Applications for GARUDA (DAG 07)
4th to 6th October 2007

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi 110067

04th October 2007 (Day 1)
Time Topic Speaker
0900-0930 Registration @ Auditorium  

Inaugural Session

Invocation and Lighting of the Lamp

Welcome Address Prof. Rajendra Prasad
(Rector 1, JNU)
Over View of GARUDA Shri. Mohanram N
(Director, C-DAC Knowledge Park,
Case Study of Life-Sciences Application on GARUDA Dr. Andrew Lynn
(Associate Professor, Dept of IT, JNU)
GARUDA Roadmap:
   Role of Applications and Community

Shri. S Ramakrishnan
(Director General, C-DAC)

Presidential Address Dr. A. K. Chakravarti
(Advisor and Group Coordinator,
DIT, Govt of India)
Inaugural Address Prof. Alok Bhattacharya
(DEAN, School of Information
Technology, JNU)
Vote of Thanks

Dr. Prahlada Rao B B
(Group Coordinator, C-DAC

1100-1115 Tea break  

Introduction to Workshop and Grid Computing

Dr. Prahlada Rao B B

Procedural Flow of Application Enablement on GARUDA

  • Programming Paradigms on Grid
  • Sample Applications
Dr. Prahlada Rao B B

Registration for GARUDA Certificates using PURSE

Henry Sukumar
1230-1315 Lunch Break  
1315-1415 Grid Middleware
    . Introduction to Globus
    . Globus API
Asvija B

Development of Applications for GARUDA

  • Using Message Passing Interface (MPI)
  • Using Resource Specification Language (RSL)

Asvija B

1530-1545 Tea break  
1545-1715 Hands-on Session
    • MPI
    • RSL

Asvija B

1715-1800 Panel Discussion:
   Relevance of Grid Computing in Indian Context
Panel Chair
Shri. Ashok Sharma
Scientist-F, DIT, Govt of India
05th October 2007 (Day 2)
Time Topic Speaker

GARUDA Job Submission PORTAL

Arunachalam B
0945-1030 Grid Integrated Development Environment - GIDE Kalaiselven
1030-1045 Grid Monitoring Tool Arunachalam B
1045-1100 Tea break  

Grid Debugger and Runtime Analyzer - Gridhra

Asvija B


GARUDA Data Management (Storage Resource Broker-SRB)

. Storage Management on GARUDA
. Usage of SRB-A

Payal Saluja

1230-1330 Lunch Break  

Hands-on Session
Job Submission Portal
Grid IDE
Usage of SRB
Grid Debugger

Arunachalam B
Kalaiselven K
Payal Saluja
Asvija B

1545-1600 Tea break  

Hands-on Session . . . cont'd
Job Submission Portal
Grid IDE
Usage of SRB
Grid Debugger

Arunachalam B
Kalaiselven K
Payal Saluja
Asvija B
06th October 2007 (Day 3)
Time Topic Speaker

RT - Grid Help

Divya MG
0925-1045 Success Stories on GARUDA:
. Testing of GARUDA using Grid-Probes
. Bio Informatics Portal on GARUDA
. Protein Folding Applications on GARUDA

Dr. VCV Rao

Dr. V. Sundararajan
Kalaiselvan K
1045-1100 Tea break  

Partners Presentations on Usage of GARUDA

NCRA, Pune


PRL, Ahmedabad

Gauhati University

IIT Kanpur

MIT Chennai

IMSc, Chennai

IIT Delhi


Dr.Yashwant Gupta

Mr.Kalpataru Pradhan

Mr.Jigar Rawal

Dr. Chitrani Medhi

Mr.Sumit Kumar Mishra

Mr.D.Surendran(Prof.Thamarai Selvi)

Mr. Sridhar

Prof S.K. Dash

Mr.Manish Datt

1230-1330 Lunch Break  
1330-1530 Bio informatics Virtual Community Meeting

Dr. Andrew Lynn
1530-1545 Tea break  
1545-1645 Conclusion of the Workshop Dr. Andrew Lynn
(JNU, Delhi)
Dr. Prahlada Rao
(C-DAC KP, Bangalore)
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