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  Collaborative Class Room (CCR) is envisaged to use grid resources like storage, distributed computing power to support high quality video transmission and simulations based on virtual laboratories. Working professionals, students, teachers and other stakeholders of educational institutes are expected to get benefited through having access to distributed computational resources and storage capacities.

- Virtual Class Room
- A/V based Group Discussion
- Problem Solving Environment
- Grid based Content Repositories
- Learning Management
- Interoperable Assessment

- Grid/P2P Computing
- Federated Identity Management
- Virtual Organization Management

Implementation using possible NKN infrastructure/sites and educational institutions as appropriate, would be contributing to this aspect along with other partners. This would be taken to much intensive levels during the main phase. The order of magnitude of NKN connectivity with respect to speed and nodes is an opportunity for our Collaborative Class-Room Application.

A demo portal can be accessed by clicking on ‘collaborative class room’. For any details please contact the below members. ( ) Dr. Subrata Chattopadhyay
C-DAC Benguluru

N. Satyanarayana
C-DAC Hyderabad

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