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Data Management with SRB in GARUDA

To enable data oriented applications, GARUDA provides integrated but distributed data storage architecture by deploying the Storage Resource Broker (SRB) from Nirvana. SRB creates and maintains a Global Namespace across multiple heterogeneous and distributed storage systems in the Grid. The Global Namespace is a hierarchical organization of all collections, sub-collections, and data objects in the SRB Federation, independent of their physical storage infrastructure. Access is virtualized through a single sign-on and interface through one common set of APIs.

SRB provides advanced services including transparent data load and retrieval, data replication, persistent migration, data backup and restore, and secure queries. Data security is ensured through the following mechanisms: authentication, authorization, tickets, encryption, access control lists, audit trails and role based classification of users. SRB achieves performance through parallel I/O, bulk operations, latency minimization, scalable implementation and a transaction based architecture. Data management is also automated through launch of daemons automatically on start-up.

The figure below shows the SRB deployment scenario in GARUDA. MCAT server is the main repository of the information about the SRB federation. It contains all the meta data about the all the SRB objects. It manages resources, sites (locations), users and access rights. All SRB request has to come to be passed through MCAT server to get the meta data and after that it can be redirected to any other simple server. SRB server is a simple daemon running at each site and manages the local resources to present them to SRB federations.

SRB is deployed in GARUDA across two locations with total storage capacity of 2TB.Various client interfaces like command line, Java GUI, Posix interface and web client are available.
SRB can be accessed using the following interfaces: Command Line, C and Java APIs,Java GUI Interface and Web Interface.

The pre-requisites for a user to access SRB are:

  1. SRB Login and password
  2. SRB Client installation
  3. Reach ability to nearest SRB server machine.

Support and Queries:

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